LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter -SMA Antenna

LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter -SMA Antenna has a minimum range of 100m when used with its 2Dbi external antenna. 5, 7 and 9Dbi antennas are also available and offer greater distances often in excess of 800m and only limited by the environment.

LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter -SMA Antenna uses a CSR IC and our own AT Command firmware enabling connections with other Bluetooth devices over SPP profile, in either BT2.1 or BT2.0 Bluetooth standards.

By controlling the firmware LM Technologies have developed a range of solutions across a wide range of industries such as; POS / EPOS, Automotive, Weighing, Automation, Telematics we have also built smart phones applications within Android, Blackberry, that work seamlessly with our Bluetooth serial adapters, we offer a free development service for customers purchasing a minimum amount per annum.

The LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter -SMA Antenna uses our LM149 configuration software which allows users to adjust all off the serial settings such as flow control, stop bits etc. It enables users to name the adapter or turn on or off Bluetooth functions such as Auto Connect and or Bluetooth discoverable features, or 7Bit Data.

The LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter -SMA Antenna accepts between 4v and 13v power either directly to its 9th Pin or via its mini USB main power socket and has proven useful within a wide range of industries such as; POS / EPOS, Automotive, Weighing, Automation, Telematics and general wireless applications. With such a varied amount of existing solutions the LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter -SMA Antenna is a fast introduction to wireless connectivity and very versatile.

LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter - SMA Antenna Certification.

Current certifications are FCC, R&TTE CE, ANATEL SIG and EMC Certifications.

LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter - SMA Antenna Serial Printing.

The POS / EPOS industry have been using our Bluetooth Serial Adapters combined with LM Firmware to enable wireless printing, LM helped this market by gaining approval from receipt printer manufactures such as: Star-Micronics, EPSON, SNBC, Orient, Toshiba and Sharp.

We have also developed specific solutions within the automotive industry and is currently being used within radar detection applications. 


  1. Allows any serial device with a standard 9-pin serial port to communicate wirelessly (i.e. No PC Required)
  2. Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR compliant backward compatible with Bluetooth v1.2/1.1 specification
  3. Wide range of high gain antennas available to increase the range from 100m to 500m in open space
  4. Unique Patented Firmware Enabling Serial Printer Functionality
  5. AT Command Set provided for module configuration
  6. LED indicators for Power, Data and Bluetooth Link
  7. Power Supply from either the Pin 9 from the DB9 connector or AC mains via USB, Mini USB – USB
  8. Serial Port Profile (SPP) & Generic Access Profile (GAP) supported
  9. Windows configuration app, but will work with any OS during operation


  1. Error conditions like Paper Out, Power Failure etc can be emulated over wireless link
  2. Proven product in many industries
  3. Wireless solution for any serial port device
  4. A pair of adapters can be configured to connect to each other automatically, hence emulating a serial cable
  5. Robust Design
  6. Customised SPP firmware available, since LM Technologies Ltd does in-house firmware development
  7. FCC, RTT&E, ANATEL, SIG, EMC Test Reports and Certificates and RoHS compliant

Product Variants

Part NumberDescription
058-0050BT2.0 STD RS232 Adapter Fw v6.xx Adapter Only
058-0054BT2.0 STD RS232 Adapter Fw v6.xx Multi-Plug PSU Retail
058-0055BT2.0 STD RS232 x2 Adapter Fw v6.xx Multi-Plug PSU Retail

Product Specifications

LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter – SMA Antenna
ManufacturerLM Technologies
ChipsetCSR Bluecore 4 (BC04)
Power ClassificationClass 1
Adapter TypeSerial Adapter
Connector TypeDB9 RS232 female, mini USB connector, SMA connector for Antenna
Bluetooth SpecificationCore v2.0 + EDR backward compatible with Bluetooth v1.2/1.1 specification. Bluetooth 2.1 firmware also available
Frequency2402 – 2480 MHz
Temperature Range-20 to +75 C
Data RateUpto 921.6 kbps serial baud rate supported
RangeUpto 100 m in open space
Rx Sensitivity-86 dBm typical
AntennaExternal SMA Antenna
Antenna Gain1.5 to 2 dBi RP SMA Male Antenna provided by default. 5,7,9 dBi Antenna options available
Power Supply4V to 13V DC
Current ConsumptionMax 140 mA
Power Output+18 dBm Max
Baud Rates1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2/230.4/460.8/921.6 kbps
RS232 SignalsTxD, RxD, GND, CTS, RTS, DTR and DSR
Size35mm x 65mm x 16mm
Bluetooth ProfileSerial Port Profile (SPP)
Serial ParametersDefault 19200, 8 N 1
ConfigurationAT Command Set
Flash Memory8 MB
RoHS CompliantYes
CertificationsR&TTE/CE, FCC, BQB, EMC, ANATEL

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