LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter

Bluetooth Serial Adapter LM048 is the smallest Bluetooth Serial Adapter in the world and offers a higher standard of features than other adapters of its type.

The LM048 RS232 Bluetooth serial adapter is a Class 1 Bluetooth rated product which will reach distances of 100m when the environment allows, connection is made in via its on–board antenna.

LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter uses a CSR IC which runs LM technologies own AT Command firmware enabling connection to other Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth Serial Adapter has been certified to use the Bluetooth standards 2.1 + EDR or 2.0 + EDR.

The firmware within the wireless LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter allows all of the known serial configurations to be used and it is this flexibility that has enabled LM to patent its Firmware. The AT command firmware which controls the RS23 signals (DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS) for line handling which offers the full range of serial RS232 combinations are easily configured by using the adapters slide switch on top of the adapter.

Our LM149 configuration software allows users to adjust various RS232 serial settings such as flow control, stop bits etc. It also enables users to update the device name and turn on or off Bluetooth functions such as Auto Connect and or Bluetooth discoverable features.

LM Technologies has built such applications within Android, Blackberry, Windows, OSX platforms, which enable the LM048 adapter to a range of smart phone solutions. These solutions can be developed for your own application free of charge by LM Technologies, when volumes in excess of 1000 pieces per annum are requested. Please see our case studies for further details on how the Bluetooth Serial Adapter has be used in solution.

Bluetooth Serial Adapter LM048 Certification

The RS232 LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter has been certified in the following countries; FCC USA, R&TTE CE EU, ANATEL Brazil, TELEC Japan, KCC Korea, SRRC China, WPC India, IC Canada, and Mexico. It has also met the industry standards that need specialist certification which are: Automotive 2004/104/EC, EMC and SIG BQB Certifications.

Approved Wireless RS232 Bluetooth Adapter

The LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter is widely used within the serial printer market and the LM048s have gained approval from many POS / EPOS industry manufactures: Star-Micronics, EPSON, SNBC, Orient, Toshiba and Sharp.

We have also developed specific solutions within the automotive industry for Bosh, and radar detection applications for Unipart.


  1. World’s smallest Bluetooth Serial Adapter
  2. True straight or twisted Serial Cable Replacement Solution
  3. Ability to transfer DTR, DSR, RTS and CTS line status over air providing true Serial Cable replacement solution. This functionality allows serial printers using DSR or CTS line for error reporting to report errors like “Out of Paper” or “Printer Offline”
  4. Allows any device with a standard 9-pin serial port to communicate wirelessly
  5. Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR compliant backward compatible with Bluetooth v1.2/1.1 specification. Bluetooth 2.1 firmware also available
  6. Maximum Serial Port Baud rate Rate 921.6 kbps
  7. Lead free RoHS compliant
  8. Small Size – 46.3 mm x 36 mm x 13 mm
  9. Windows configuration app, but will work with any OS during operation


  1. Proven product in many industries
  2. Ideal solution for serial cable replacement
  3. Standalone products, do not need a driver installation on host
  4. A pair of adapters can be configured to connect to each other automatically, hence emulating true straight or twisted serial cable
  5. PC Application Software available to configure the adapters
  6. Adapters can also be configured via AT Commands on Serial Port Terminal Software like Hyperterminal
  7. Adapter can act as both DTE or DCE device

Product Variants

Part NumberDescription
048-0000BT2.0 Mini RS232 Adapter Fw v6.xx Adapter Only
048-0006BT2.0 Mini RS232 Adapter Fw v6.xx Multi-Plug PSU Retail
048-0012BT2.0 Mini RS232 x2 Adapter Fw v6.xx Multi-Plug Retail

Product Specifications

LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter
ManufacturerLM Technologies
ChipsetCSR Bluecore 4 (BC04)
Power ClassificationClass 1
Adapter TypeSerial Adapter
Connector TypeDB9 RS232 female, Mini USB
Bluetooth SpecificationCore v2.0 + EDR backward compatible with Bluetooth v1.2/1.1 specification. Bluetooth 2.1 firmware also available
Frequency2402 – 2480 MHz
Temperature Range-20 to +75 C
Data RateUpto 921.6 kbps serial baud rate supported
RangeUpto 100 m in open space
Rx Sensitivity-86 dBm typical
AntennaOn board chip antenna
Antenna GainMax 1 to 2 dBi
Power Supply4V to 13V DC via mini USB port or Pin 9 of DB9 connector
Current ConsumptionMax 90 mA
Power Output+18 dBm Max
Baud Rates1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2/230.4/460.8/921.6 kbps
RS232 SignalsTxD, RxD, GND, CTS, RTS, DTR and DSR
Size46.3 mm x 36 mm x 13 mm
Bluetooth ProfileSerial Port Profile (SPP)
Serial ParametersDefault 19200, 8 N 1
ConfigurationAT Command Set
Flash Memory8 MB
RoHS CompliantYes
CertificationsR&TTE/CE, FCC, EMC, Automotive 2004/104/EC, BQB, Canada IC, Korea KCC, Japan TELEC, ANATEL

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See Further details in our WiKi
LM048 Bluetooth Adapter Application Notes
LM048 Printer Application Notes
LM048 Pairing Procedure
AT Command ManualLM048 AT Command Manual v4.22
LM048 AT Command Manual v6.5x
CertificationLM048 CE R&TTE Certificate
LM048 FCC Certificate
LM048 BQB Certification
LM048 Automotive 2004/104/EC Report
LM048 Canadian IC Certification
LM048 Korea KCC Certification
LM048 Japan TELEC Certification
LM048 China SRRC Certification
LM048 India WPC Certification
LM048 Mexico Certification
LM048 Anatel Brazil Homologation Certification
DatasheetLM048 Data Sheet
ManualsLM048 Manual
Quick Start GuideLM048 Quick Start Guide
Remote AccessLM048 Remote Access Feature Description
SoftwareLM049 Utility Software for firmware v4.22
LM149 Configuration Software for firmware v6.x and beyond
TroubleshootingLM048 Troubleshooting Guide
User Manual24V to Mini USB 3 Mtr Power Cable

Johnson Controls

Connecting a controller to the PC wirelessly via a RS232 port or RS485 (N2 Bus). This solution can be used, for example, to commission / perform tests on an Air Handling Unit being in front of the unit, even if the panel that contains the controllers is not near the AHU.

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LM Technologies Ltd developed a blackberry application for Coinco which can collect the audit information from a coin payment system (Coin-Changer) used in Vending machines via Bluetooth.

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Microtill Systems Ltd

Serial Cable replacement for printers in retail outlets like Wimpy

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Bluetooth Development Barry Napper & Company

Barry Napper & Company are the experts in the supply, servicing and pre-calibration of on board weighing systems. Our aim is to ensure that all our haulage customers operate at maximum efficiency, within legal payload guidelines.

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Sharp Electronics

Provide true cable replacement solution for Sharp EPoS systems. Sharp supplies LM048SPA adapters as a complete cable replacement solution for EPoS terminal and printer.Tested with EPSON and STAR printers the Bluetooth adapters have been tested on the Sharp UP800 Series, UP3500, UPX500, UPV5500, and UPV9900V.See Sharp Case

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Aster Systems

Wireless printing for kitchen printers using LM048SPA adapters

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Tecno Ingenieria

Transmit results of Light intensity from a Luxometer wirelessly using a serial protocol. The Luxometer had to be moved all the time to get the appropriate values of light intensity and light inclination; hence it is not possible to use a serial cable. LM048 serial adapter provided a perfect solution to overcome this problem.

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Bluetooth Vending Development Vianet

ViaNet – ViaNet is the leading provider of telemetry and cashless payment services for vending industry

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The BotBuilder kits arrive as chassis and platforms that allow you to experiment with and learn about robots. These robots also provide the platform for larger industrial projects. The kits are aimed at hobbyists, educators and study groups and include mechanical robots arms, roving camera bots and toy racing cars.The LM Technologies Ltd LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter is now being used to Bluetooth enable the robots allowing wireless communication as the robots move around the room.

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