LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter 150Mbps

The LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter is a powerful 150Mbps dongle that also fully supports the functional compliance of IEEE 802.11 e and i standards and therefore can be used across IEEE 802.11 bands g n e and iThe LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter is supplied with a comprehensive driver package and its own software program that is compatible with Windows: CE7, XP, VISTA, Win 7 and W8. As many W8 WLAN dongles are now supplied a W8 driver at extra cost. In addition to windows the WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter also supports Linux and Apple PC’s and is compatible with: Linux MAC OSX 10.4-10.8 Linux Kernel2.6.18~2.6.38 and Kernel 3.0.8The LM006 is available as Adapter only or in a clamshell retail package with CD that has Software, Driver and Manuals.The LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter uses a Realtek Realtek RTL8188CUS IC alongside an LM qualified list of components which enables the dongle to work at temperatures between -20°c degrees to +70°c and able to withstand -40°c storage. We have also conducted temperature testing within a barometric chamber at -40°c and sustained a continuous working environment. Although as the IC on the PCBA is not qualified to work at such a temperature we would not be able to obtain certification at this temperature

LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter 150Mbps

The LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter has a maximum distance of 180m outdoors and 80m indoors. In order to obtain 150Mbps bandwidth the dongle broadcasts on 2.4 GHz when using maximum bandwidth. The dongle also incorporates technology which improves effective throughput and range, over existing 802.11 g and is designed to provide excellent performance with minimum power consumption and enhance the advantages of robust system and cost effectiveness. It is targeted at superior performance, better power applications.Current certifications are FCC, R&TTE CE, The hardware can be offered with or without Retail packaging and can be branded for your company.

Advanced Functionality

Linux WiFi Access Point (Wireless AP) This document serves as a general guide to setting-up a Wireless Access Point (AP) in Linux

Linux WiFi Monitor Mode Some LM products can be used as wireless packet sniffers, this is a general guide demonstrating how to use them for this purpose.

Linux WiFi Ad-hoc Mode Ad-hoc, or IBSS mode allows you to create a wireless network without a central access point. This guide demonstrates a simple Ad-hoc network using one of our adapters and some basic tools found in most modern Linux distributions.


  1. Compatible with all 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n devices
  2. Supports WEP, TKIP, and AES wireless data encryption
  3. Supports WPA and WPA2 enhanced wireless data encryption
  4. Friendy user configuration and diagnostic utility
  5. Data rates up to 150Mbps
  6. Supported on Windows CE7/XP/VISTA/7/8, MAC OS, Linux and Android
  7. Up to 180m in open space
  8. 1×1 SISO technology improves effective throughput and range over existing 802.11 b/g products


  1. Ideal for adding WLAN connectivity to laptops, desktops and embedded products
  2. Flexible setup configurations
  3. Easy to configure
  4. Save your different configurations
  5. Can be used in station, access point or ad-hoc mode

Product Variants

Part NumberDescription
006-1004802.11n 150Mbps Micro Wi-Fi USB Adapter Realtek RP
006-1003802.11n 150Mbps Micro Wi-Fi USB Adapter Realtek AO

Product Specifications

LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter 150Mbps
ManufacturerLM Technologies Ltd
Data Transfer Rates1,2,5.5,6,11,12,18,22,24,30,36,48,54,60,90,120 and maximum of 150Mbps
Encryption64 bit/128 bit WEP, TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2
ChipsetRealtek RTL8188CUS
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Standard802.11 b/g/n, 802.3, 802.3u
Modulation MethodBPSK/QPSK/16-QAM, 64-QAM
Operation ModeAd-Hoc, Infrastructure
LED IndicationPower (GREEN LED)
AntennaOn board chip antenna
Transmission ClassClass 1 – up to 300 meters
Frequency Band2.4GHz ISM Band
Spread SpectrumIEEE 802.11b:DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
IEEE 802.11g/n:OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
RF Output Power<14dBm @ 11n, <17dBm @ 11b, <14dBm @ 11g
Receiver Sensitivity11 Mbps -80dBm @ 8%, 54 Mbps -70dBm @ 10%, 130 Mbps
Operation RangeUp to 180m
OS SupportWindows CE7/XP/VISTA/7/8
MAC OSX 10.4-10.8
Linux Kernel2.6.18~2.6.38 and Kernel 3.0.8
Power ConsumptionTransmit: around 305 mA
Receive: around 190 mA
Size23.44 x 14.40 x 5.80 mm (LxWxH)
Operating Temperature-10 – 50 °C
Humidity5% to 90% (Non Condensing)
CertificationsCE/RTTE, FCC
RoHS CompliantYes
Extra CompatibilityRaspberryPi2

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Application Notes / Knowledge BaseLinux Driver Installation
CertificationLM006 FCC Certificate
LM006 CE R&TTE Certificate
DatasheetLM006 Datasheet
DriversLM006 WinXP/VISTA/7/8 driver
Linux Kernel 2.6.18~2.6.38 and Kernel 3.0.8, Android 1.6~2.3 and 4.0
LM006 MAC OS 10.4 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.5 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.6 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.7 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.8 Driver
User ManualLM006 Setup Manual for MAC OS