LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter
Application Notes / Knowledge BaseModem Signals Application Note
See Further details in our WiKi
LM048 Bluetooth Adapter Application Notes
LM048 Printer Application Notes
LM048 Pairing Procedure
AT Command ManualLM048 AT Command Manual v6.5x
LM048 AT Command Manual v4.22
CertificationLM048 Automotive 2004/104/EC Report
LM048 Canadian IC Certification
LM048 Korea KCC Certification
LM048 Japan TELEC Certification
LM048 China SRRC Certification
LM048 India WPC Certification
LM048 Mexico Certification
LM048 Anatel Brazil Homologation Certification
LM048 CE R&TTE Certificate
LM048 FCC Certificate
LM048 BQB Certification
DatasheetLM048 Data Sheet
ManualsLM048 Manual
Quick Start GuideLM048 Quick Start Guide
Remote AccessLM048 Remote Access Feature Description
SoftwareLM049 Utility Software for firmware v4.22
LM149 Configuration Software for firmware v6.x and beyond
TroubleshootingLM048 Troubleshooting Guide
User Manual24V to Mini USB 3 Mtr Power Cable
LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter - SMA Antenna
Application Notes / Knowledge BaseLM058 Bluetooth Adapter Application Notes
LM058 Printer Application Notes
LM058 Pairing Procedure
Modem Signal Application Notes
AT Command ManualLM058 AT Command Manual v6.5x
LM058 AT Command Manual v4.22
CertificationLM058 CE R&TTE Certificate
LM058 Anatel Brazil Homologation Certification
DatasheetLM058 Data Sheet
ManualsLM058 Manual
Quick Start GuideLM058 Quick Start Guide
Remote AccessLM058 Remote Access Feature Description
SoftwareLM049 Utility Software for firmware v4.22
LM149 Configuration Software for firmware v6.x and beyond
TroubleshootingLM058 Troubleshooting Guide
LM540 - Long Range Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB Adapter
CertificationLM540 CE RTTE Certificate
LM540 FCC Part 15B Certificate
LM540 FCC Part 15C Certificate
DatasheetLM540 Datasheet
DriversLM540 Bluesoleil 8.0 Driver (legacy)
LM540 Bluesoleil 10.0 Driver
Quick Start GuideLM540 QSG for Bluesoleil 8
LM005 WLAN n USB Adapter 300Mbps
CertificationLM005 FCC Certificate Part 15B
LM005 FCC Certificate Part 15C
LM005 CE/RTTE Certificate
DatasheetLM005 Datasheet
DriversWin7 Driver (v1086.48.0809.2011)
Win XP/Vista (v1084.53.0809.2011)
LM005 Linux Kernel 2.6.18 ~ 2.6.38 and Kernel 3.0.2
LM005 Android 1.6~2.3 and Kernel3.0.2
LM005 MAC OS 10.4 Driver
LM005 MAC OS 10.5 Driver
LM005 MAC OS 10.6 Driver
LM005 MAC OS 10.7 Driver
LM005 MAC OS 10.8 Driver
LM006 Nano WLAN USB 802.11 n Adapter 150Mbps
Application Notes / Knowledge BaseLinux Driver Installation
CertificationLM006 FCC Certificate
LM006 CE R&TTE Certificate
DatasheetLM006 Datasheet
DriversLM006 WinXP/VISTA/7/8 driver
Linux Kernel 2.6.18~2.6.38 and Kernel 3.0.8, Android 1.6~2.3 and 4.0
LM006 MAC OS 10.4 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.5 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.6 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.7 Driver
LM006 MAC OS 10.8 Driver
User ManualLM006 Setup Manual for MAC OS
LM300 Bluetooth Ethernet Serial Switch / Server
Command ManualLM300 Multiconnection Firmware Manual
DatasheetLM300 Datasheet
SoftwareLM300 Manager Software
User ManualLM300 User Manual
LM506 Bluetooth 4.0 Dual-Mode Smart-Ready (BLE) USB Adapter
CertificationLM506 Bluetooth SIG Certificate
LM506 FCC Certificate - Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
LM506 FCC Certificate - Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
LM506 CE R&TTE Certificate
LM506 BQB Certificate
DatasheetLM506 Datasheet
DriversWindows Driver for Windows XP
Windows Driver for Windows VISTA 64bit
Windows Driver for Windows VISTA 32bit
Windows Driver for Windows 7/8 64bit
Windows Driver for Windows 7/8 32bit
Widcomm Driver for Windows XP, VISTA, 7
Quick Start GuideLM506 Quick Start Guide
User ManualLM506 Widcomm User Manual for Win XP
LM506 Widcomm User Manual for Win VISTA/7
LM808 USB WiFi Adapter 802.11ac, a, b, g, n
DatasheetLM808 Datasheet
DriversLM808 Linux Driver Installation and compilation
LM809 WiFi USB Adapter 300Mbps
Application Notes / Knowledge BaseLinux Driver Installation
DatasheetLM809 Datasheet
LM811 WiFi Bluetooth HCI Combination Module
DatasheetLM811 Datasheet
DriversLM811 Linux Drivers
LM780 Bluetooth Class 2 Module - On-board Antenna
Application Notes / Knowledge BaseLM780 Module Integration Note
AT Command ManualLM780 AT Command Manual
CertificationLM780 FCC Certificate
LM780 CE Certificate
DatasheetLM780 Datasheet
Remote AccessRemote Access Feature Description
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM071 Bluetooth Class 2 Module SPP Stack
Application SchematicLM071 Application Schematic
AT Command ManualLM071 AT Command Manual
DatasheetLM071 Datasheet
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module
Application SchematicLM072 Application Schematic
CertificationLM072 BQB Certification
LM072 CE/RTTE Certificate
LM072 FCC Certificate
DatasheetLM072 Datasheet
ManualsLM072 AT Command Manual
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM400 Plug & Play Bluetooth SMT Module IC Antenna
AT Command ManualAT Command Manual
CertificationLM400 FCC Certificate
LM400 CE Certificate
LM400 IC Certificate
DatasheetLM400 Datasheet
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM410 Bluetooth Module Class 1 external SMA Antenna
CertificationLM410 FCC Certification
LM410 CE Certificate
Command ManualLM410 Multiconnection Firmware Command Manual
DatasheetLM410 Datasheet
SoftwareLM300 Manager Software
LM149 Configuration Software
LM740 Bluetooth Audio Module
Application SchematicLM730/LM740 Application Schematic
AT Command ManualLM730/LM740 LM-SRX-ATC firmware manual
DatasheetLM740 Datasheet
PIO Firmware GuideLM730/LM740 LM-RX-HIC firmware manual
LM555 Bluetooth SPP Development Kit
ManualsLM555 Manual
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM556 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit
AT Command ManualLM556 LM-SRX-ATC firmware manual
ManualsLM556 Stereo Speakers User Manual
LM556 Stereo Headset User Manual
PIO Firmware GuideLM556 LM-RX-HIC firmware manual
LM073 Bluetooth Class 1 Module On Board Antenna
DatasheetLM073 Datasheet
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM745 Bluetooth Audio Module Onboard Antenna
DatasheetLM745 Bluetooth Audio Module Datasheet
LM910 Bluetooth Module 4.1 Dual Mode Smart Ready (BLE) USB
DatasheetLM910 Datasheet
LM411 Plug & Play Bluetooth Module with UFL or iPEX Receptacle
AT Command ManualAT Command Manual
DatasheetLM411 Datasheet
SoftwareLM149 Configuration Software
LM930 Bluetooth Smart Module BLE 4.1
DatasheetLM930 Datasheet
LM931 Bluetooth Smart Module BLE 4.1
DatasheetLM931 Datasheet
LM936 Bluetooth Smart Module with Wireless Charging
DatasheetLM936 Datasheet
LM251 2dBi Antenna RP SMA
DatasheetLM251 Datasheet
LM252 5dBi Antenna RP SMA
DatasheetLM252 Datasheet
LM253 7dBi Antenna RP SMA
DatasheetLM253 Datasheet
LM254 9dBi Antenna RP SMA
DatasheetLM254 Datasheet
LM060 RS232 to USB Converter FTDI
DatasheetLM060 Datasheet
DriversMicrosoft Windows (All) Virtual COM Port Drivers
Linux Virtual COM Port Drivers
Mac OS X Virtual COM Port Drivers
Drivers for other architectures, direct communications and Windows CE, please contact LM Technologies Technical Support.