• Class 1 (100m+) Long Range Bluetooth Serial Adapter with inbuilt Antenna
  • True straight or twisted Serial Cable Replacement Solution
  • External SMA Antenna for Extended Range up to 1000m in line of sight
  • True straight or twisted Serial Cable Replacement Solution
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR compliant backward compatible with Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR/v1.2/v1.1 specification
  • Bluetooth Class 1 Radio giving a range of up to 1000m depending on the selection of antenna
  • LM506 is a Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based USB Nano Adapter
  • Support for IEEE 802.11n, e and i standards
  • 2×2 MIMO technology improves effective throughput and range over existing 802.11 b/g products
  • Provides 802.11n wireless networking to all desktop and laptop computers
  • Fits any industry standard USB slot (compatible with USB interface versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0)

The LM808 WLAN USB Adapter uses a USB 2.0 interface in order to communicate with host. It uses a Realtek IC that fully supports all of the 808.11 Bands IEEE 802.11 ac Draft 2.0 and 802.11 a/b/g/n specifications and is backward compatible while using 802.11n standard.

WiFi USB Adapter LM809 is a WLAN 11n adapter, which supports the features and functional compliance of IEEE 802.11n, b,g, standards up to 300Mbps.

  • Ethernet to serial data conversion. Serial Data transmitted over Bluethooth
  • Supports 3 simultaneous connections