LM555 Bluetooth SPP Development Kit

The LM555 Bluetooth SPP Development Kit can be used with the following Data Modules series starting with: LM780, LM400, LM071 and LM072.

Often the first option LM Technologies has in demonstrating the value of our company and the quality of our products will be when your engineers test our modules when using the Bluetooth SPP Development Kit. For this reason LM offers a very professional support service, which is all, free of charge for customers considering our modules.

This service includes free integration of commands, free additional development on an existing platform or in building a new firmware. In addition to our support we also offer a full refund for the cost of the Bluetooth SPP Development Kit to all customers who go on to use our modules within their own product or when purchasing a minimum of 500 modules.

LM555 Bluetooth SPP Development Kit

The Bluetooth SPP Development Kit is ideal for evaluating the our data modules as it provides access to the modules, PIO and SPI interface as well LED Indications, Battery pads provided for connecting external battery and Jumper configuration provided to use the kit in different modes. 

It can also be used to evaluate different firmware revisions - AT Command, PIO, HID, SPP BT2.1 and BT2.0 etc. All of which can be upgraded via SPI or USB from the Bluetooth SPP Development Kit.



  1. 9 pin UART connector to connect to PC
  2. 2×6 header socket for LM400 plug n play module
  3. Testing platform for LM modules
  4. Solder joints for LM071, LM780
  5. Integrated USB to UART converter. The mini USB port shows up as virtual COM port on PC
  6. Indicator LEDs for power and data transfer
  7. Button to reset bluetooth module
  8. SPI pins accessible to upgrade the firmware on the module


  1. Saves development time to evaluate LM Bluetooth SPP modules

Product Variants

Part NumberDescription
555-0345Bluetooth SPP modules; LM400, LM071, LM072, LM780

Product Specifications

LM555 Bluetooth SPP Development Kit
ManufacturerLM Technologies Ltd
Voltage operationDC adapter 6.5 V – 12 V
Current Consumption (standby mode)NA
Current Consumption (connected state)NA
Modules supportedLM400 (via 2 x 6 header)
LM780, LM071 via special request to solder modules
LM072 via special attachment
Size92 mm x 72 mm x 30 mm
Bluetooth ProfileNA
InterfaceUART, SPI via solder points
Baud rates1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2/230.4/460.8/921.6 kbps
RoHS CompliantYes

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