LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module

The LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module is a an integrated module which runs LM’s own tried and tested BT2.1 or BT2.0 CSR Stack Firmware. With an 18dBm output from the RF terminal this powerful Bluetooth Class 1 Module will cover distances beyond 100m when coupled with a well-tuned antenna circuit. LM Technologies have used this module as their core within the LM048, LM058 Bluetooth serial adapters and with our LM400 and LM410 Plug & play pin modules.It has therefore been certified many times within a product as well as holding SIG certification for non-antenna based Bluetooth Class 1 Module and its has FCC & RTT&E CE certification and offers full compliance with RoHs.

LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module

The LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module comes with SPP Stack but can also work with a range of Bluetooth profiles such as SPP,HSP/HFP,HID,DUN and supports USB, UART & PCM interfaces. It supports 3.0v to 3.6v input and has a footprint of 28.2mm x 15.0mm x 2.8mm.The Bluetooth Class 1 Module is designed to provide excellent performance with minimum power consumption and is targeted to offer competitive edge to the products it is used with.

LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module Applications

The LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module is also used within our LM300 Bluetooth Com Port Ethernet switch, which uses LM’s multipoint stack, this firmware allows for up to 3 simultaneous connections, which pass data at the same time dividing the bandwidth between the connections, yet not seeing any drop off in bandwidth from any single connection within the division when used with a serial bus.LM offers a free Design In service that allows us to show your team several antenna design options as well as integration to enable the LM072 firmware commands to work with your own products. 


  1. Base module for LM Technologies Serial Adapters and other modules like LM400, LM410
  2. Bluetooth 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.1 SPP firmware available
  3. Class 1 Radio with 100 m range in open space
  4. External Antenna
  5. AT Command Set provided for module configuration
  6. 802.11 Coexistence
  7. Lead free RoHS compliant
  8. Small Size 28.2 mm x 15 mm x 2.8 mm
  9. Low Power Consumption


  1. Excellent solution to integrate wireless connectivity to a product for long range connectivity
  2. Small footprint means less PCB area
  3. Low Power
  4. Robust Design
  5. No Host Stack required
  6. Customized SPP firmware available, since LM Technologies Ltd does in-house firmware development
  7. Support for encryption data and authentication
  8. Adaptive Frequency hopping allows Co Existence with Wireless LAN without any interference
  9. Low Cost Solution
  10. Interoperable with PDAs, Phones, PCs and Laptops

Product Variants

Part NumberDescription
072-0110BT2.1 Class 1 SMT Module Fw v6.xx Single
072-0111BT2.1 Class 1 SMT Module Fw v6.xx Tray
072-0112BT2.1 Class 1 SMT Module Fw v6.xx T&R 900 Off
072-0125BT2.0 Class 1 SMT Module Fw v4.xx Single
072-0126BT2.0 Class 1 SMT Module Fw v4.xx Tray
072-0127BT2.0 Class 1 SMT Module Fw v4.xx T&R 900 Off
072-0128BT2.0 Class 1 SMT Module Multi-point Fw v7.xx Tray or Single

Product Specifications

LM072 Bluetooth Class 1 Module
ManufacturerLM Technologies Ltd
Chipset CSR Bluecore 4 (BC04)
Power ClassificationClass 1
Module TypeSurface Mount
Bluetooth SpecificationCore v2.0 + EDR and Core v2.1 + EDR firmware available
Data Rate3Mbps in HCI mode
RangeUpto 100 m in open space
Rx Sensitivity-88 dBm typical
AntennaExternal Antenna
Voltage operation3.0 – 3.6V
Average Current Consumption (receiving Data))114 mA
Power Output+18 dBm
Default Firmwarev4.55(BT2.0),v6.18(BT2.1)
Size28.2 mm x 15 mm x 2.8 mm
Bluetooth ProfileSerial Port Profile (SPP)
Serial ParametersDefault 19200, 8 N 1
Baud Rates 1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2/230.4/460.8/921.6 kbps
ConfigurationAT Command Set
Flash Memory8 MB
RoHS CompliantYes
CertificationsCE, FCC, BQB

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