Software Applications

Software Applications  are one of our strengths as it creates the total solution for our customer rather than just delivering a product. We offer create and or develop a solution with our customers own R&D team or with their management if their lacking R&D skills.  PC or Smartphone applications for Android, Blackberry, J2ME  used on todays smart phones can give your company an edge with the products your offering.


Our software Application development expertise include developing below applications

  • GUI based or Command Line Windows Applications – MFC, Visual C++, Win32 APIs
  • Smartphone applications – Android, Blackberry, J2ME

Our engineers have developed a proof of concept Android application which is published on Google Play Store

We developed the Android application to demonstrate the concept and to allow our team or your own to build on the code to deliver a variety of different solutions.

We have developed commercial applications used in the Vending industry, Weighing industry, Automation, Automotive and POS ePOS industries.

Please see our case studies and or contact  for further details.