Bluetooth Hardware Design


Bluetooth Hardware Design

Our expertise with Bluetooth Hardware Design can be offered free of charge, often only being obliged to use our Bluetooth modules within their product. Whether it is just adding our module into your existing products PCBA or if you would like us to design-in an Antenna circuit, LM is here to service your requirements. Dependent on volume and antenna circuitry, replacing an IC antenna can save your company more money than you may envisage.


We also offer hardware design services for customisation to all of our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless adapters and modules. 

  • Modifying housings in shape, colour.
  • Footprint PCBA modifications are available.
  • New Product Design.


Even if you would like to under take the work yourself our Bluetooth Hardware Design team can review your own design and offer free advice. Bluetooth hardware testing equipment is a specialist tool and often not justified when your main development is within your own device. Let our Bluetooth Hardware Design team use our own testing tools to report on your products RF output.

LM has an ongoing roadmap of new products and often finds your next product has already been partially designed and or may be adapted from a previous design.

Please contact us by sending an email to development@lm-technologies for further details.