Bluetooth firmware development


Bluetooth Firmware Development 

Our expertise with Bluetooth Firmware Development allows LM Technologies to  offer services above and beyond other Bluetooth Manufactures. Our customers are often  only  obliged to use our Bluetooth  modules or adapters to qualify for free of charge services that allow LM to tailor a firmware to meet your products  requirements.API changes or linking our AT commands to work with your command structure or developing a stack to run o n your existing micro controller  our Bluetooth Firmware Development team are here to meet your needs.










Customising either of our standard firmware.

SPP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRP, HFP, – MultiMedia Firmware

SPP or OBEX – Data Transfer Firmware

Bluetooth Profile Firmware Development – Adding embedded profiles to a existing firmware is a common requirement.

New Bluetooth Firmware - Development  that is not currently supported by existing LM Technologies firmware is still available under Free of Charge Terms.

Bluetooth Firmware Configuration - having our modules or adapters manufactured pre-parried or with specific settings.

Bluetooth stack development - for Applications using 3rd party microprocessors.

We may charge a nominal development fee or be able to offer our Bluetooth firmware development free of cost subject to terms. Our terms will depend on the extent of the development required vs. volumes per annum. Please contact us by sending an email to for further details.