LM242 SMA Antenna Extension

LM242 SMA Antenna Extension operates between 2.4Ghz – 2.5Ghz range, and 50Ω impedance with a VSWR rating is 1.6:1. It has a Female RP SMA Jack that allows for any of our SMA Antennas to screw into its base.

The base has a 1.5m Cable that is connected to a Male RP SMA connector which allows this extension to be connected to your RF device. This extension is ideal when your device is not able to be situated in its ideal location or is difficult to move which may have inhibited its signal. It is useful across a range of technologies such as listed below.

LM242 SMA Antenna Extension

  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) • 2.4GHz XBee • 2.4GHz Bluetooth

LM Technologies also offer SMA to UFL or SMA to iPEx converters with or without cable that add to the versatility for the LM242 SMA Antenna Extension.

Our range of Antenna’s can be offered with or without Retail packaging and or can be branded for your company.


  1. Magnetic Base
  2. 1.5m cable
  3. Base connector SMA JACK Reverse Polarity
  4. Cable connector SMA PLUG Reverse Polarity


  1. Ideal for embedded systems
  2. Robust design suitable for all applications
  3. The magnetic base provides easy positioning
  4. The 1.5m cable provides flexibility of the antenna position

Product Variants

Part NumberDescription
242-1021Antenna Base Square with 1.5m Cable to SMA Male

Product Specifications

LM242 SMA Antenna Extension – 1.5m Magnetic Base
Base ConnectorSMA JACK RP
Cable ConnectorSMA PLUG RP
Cable Length1.5 m
CableLow Loss CLF100
Size73 mm x 73 mm x 29 mm

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